Introduction: Bullet Prop

This is a simple prop that almost anyone can do!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

Parts list for one bullet:

1 .22 LR shell

1 dead LED

Some silver paint, and a paintbrush

Step 2: Bend the Prongs on the LED Up.

Bend the prongs on the LED up so that it fits snugly into the shell.

Step 3: Paint the LED

Paint the LED with silver paint. You can also use copper colored paint.

Step 4: Put Glue Into the Casing

Step 5: Set in the LED

Carefully place the LED into the shell, making sure to line it up with the sides of the shell.

Step 6: Done!

Step 7: Note: DO NOT Use School Glue, or Wood Glue.

If you use that type of glue, this will happen. Superglue works the best.