Introduction: Parts

You will need: four pices of string, one Cotten ball, one bullet casing, one dead lighter, some lighter fluid, bees wax, pewter or lead or tin, sand, a spoon and time

blow torch, drill, drill bits and pliers

Step 1: WICK!!!!!!!!

It's time to make the wick. You can skip this step by just using a round wick from a lamp. Take your four pices of string and twist them together then tie a knot at both ends it should look like the picture. Next, rip your Cotten ball into smaller pieces.pit the pieces into the casing useing a toothpick then insert the wick up to the knot. Useing the toothpick move the Cotten balls around the wick

Step 2: WAX BULLETS!!!!!

Take your beeswax and melt it in your spoon with the blowtorch then wait till it starts to cool onece it's almost solidifying pour it into your hand and shape into bullet sized thing about 2cm long and 1cm wide

Step 3: TRIMMMING!!!!!

Once your wax bullet is finished and your hand is burned (ouch!) you can get your razor blade and trim the bullet up the aproxamet size is 14mm high and 9mm wide at the base. Chop chop.

Step 4: CASTING!!!!!!

Take your kenetic sand and put it in a container deep enough to comfortably fit the bullet. Then push the bullet into the sand leaving the top flush. Take it out by stabbing it with a needle and pulling it out. Take your spoon and clean it thoroughly of all wax then put your pewter into the spoon and melt it with a blowtorch then pour it into the mold let cool for 5-10 minutes

Step 5: DRILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we will drill out the inside of our bullet so it fits on the casing first we will use a 1/4" drill bit drill it until your pretty deep then switch to a size smaller and then a size smaller and so on until your deep enough to fit your wick comfortably

Step 6: SPARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next you will have to rip the sparker out of a lighter. First make sure it's depressurized by thanking a thumb tack and placing it over the hole in the bottom of the lighter next hit it with a hammer and pull it out you should hear a little hiss. Next take some clippers or pliers and crack it open. Make sure not to crack the flint tube in the middle of the two chambers.

Step 7: Attaching the Sparker!!!!!

now, you can just glue the sparker on like me or you can use a small metal tube and the tip of the sparker and the grinding wheel. your almost done now!

Step 8: FINISHED!!!

your done! i might update this indestructible to look prettier and work better but its pretty good as is the cap hlds fuel very well and the sparker strikes a flame nearly every time i am very happy with this product and it works well! Please vote me for the make it glow contest if you thought it was good! Thanks

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