Introduction: Bullet Shell Valve Caps

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Customized valve caps are a fun way to personalize your bike, car or basically any thing with a valve cap on it. Now if you have some old bullet shells lying around or know some one who does you can make those basic, ugly, boring, blah, stock valve caps into a nice addition to your bike.

You will need:
  • select valve caps
  • empty bullet shells
  • hot glue (or any glue you prefer)
  • OPTIONAL-A way of polishing your bullet shells
  • ...That's basically it it's nothing complicated

Step 1: Acquire Your Bullets!

If you don't have access to bullet shells ask a friend or neighbor or any one you know who's into firearms/Shooting, if all else fails you can also head to the local gun range and ask them if they have any empty or used shells in hand. This my friends collection of used bullet shells he shot at a gun range that he keeps in a glass vase as decor.

Step 2: Find the Right Size Bullet for Your Valve Cap

If you have a Schrader valve the inner diamiter of a .40 calliber shell will fit snuggly around the cap, while a
Presta valve cap will fit within a 30.30 shell. If all else fails remember:trail and error, there has to be a shell that would fit your cap.

Step 3: Glue the Caps Into the Shells

When filling the shell with glue you typically would want to fill it to a "goldilocks level" not too much (it will overflow once you put in the cap) not too little (there will not be enough glue to hold the valve cap).

Step 4: Screw It!...on!

This step is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is twist it back in to the valve stem.

Step 5: Optional: Polish

I used my Dremel with the polishing bit to remove the tarnish from the shell but it is your choice on how to polish and if you polish.

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