Introduction: Bulletproof IPhone Case

Applying for a job with the secret services or just protective of your iPhone?

Either way this is an instructable for you.This holder can not only withstand  bullets and pellets from  low caliber guns and air rifles but is stab proof, protects your smart phone from falls, from hits by a  hammer and even will survive someone jumping on it , I have tried and tested these ( yes, I have even shot at it) as you can see from the second picture .
In fact you can make a holder for just about any phone (you could even make one for an ipad) its just that the dimensions which I will give in this instructable will be for an iPhone 4/4s. If you would like me to post an instructable to bulletproof  a different device please leave a comment.

In this instructable I will teach you how to build a bullet proof iPhone case from materials which are more readily available and cheaper than pre-prepared bulletproof materials such as Kevlar.
This case will cost you approximately $25 / £15 compared with about $90 / £60 for a pre-made bullet proof plate.

-55 x 20 cm sheet of mild steel , 3 mm thick ( this is in total but you can easily get several smaller bits of steel as long as they are no shorter than 14 Cm and no less wide than 10 Cm )
-firm foam sheet A4 sized and at least 1 cm thick
-epoxy resin (I used Araldite)
-fairly tough cloth ( can use thick clothing etc)
- small neodymium magnet

- metal file
-glue gun
-black spray paint (optional)
-gun to test !

Step 1:

The first step will be to cut out to size your armor plating:
1) take your mild steel sheet 
2) draw onto it 5 rectangles each 13 x 6.0 Cm
3)using your hack saw (if you have a mechanized saw this will speed up the process) cut them each out
4) file down the edges until they are flat and smooth

These plates later on will be mounted on top of each other along side some further plating and will act as the main armor to stop the bullet. If you would like to bullet proof your phone to high caliber and velocity bullets you will need to cut out more of these plates.

Step 2:

Next stage is to make a container to house your plates.
1) draw on to your sheet of steel the net outline as shown in the photographs (the dimensions will depend on which phone you are making it for and how bullet proof you would like it to be. the dimensions from here onward will be for an iPhone)
2)cut this out along the lines 
3) place your cut out shape in a vice and bend the sides as shown in the photograph
4) when you have your sides all folded up you must then glue (using Araldite ) in place a rectangle of thick cloth 13 x 6 Cm onto the base of the shape with folded sides.
5) now on top of this cloth glue in place one of your rectangular metal plates 
6) again on top of this plate glue a rectangle of thick cloth and continue this pattern until all 5 of your plates and all 6 of your cloth pieces are sandwiched together. This constant layering of  metal will slow down the bullet while the cloth will be reducing the force of the impact on your phone.
7)when your layering is finished you should bend the protruding edges of the metal container around the layers to secure them inside ( you will need to use a hammer to bash the edges down)

Step 3:

Once you have your metal container of plates you will need to make yet another container to support this one.
1) using the images draw onto steel a net to fit around your first 'box' and cut out .
2)place glue on the cloth side of your first container and press it  against the surface of the new sheet ensuring it is directly in the center.
3) fold around the side pieces of the net when the glue has dried so that you have a box within a box

Step 4:

Now you have a bulletproof base you need to furnish the inside of the case with padding to ensure the iPhone does not get broken by the sheer force of the impact of the bullet on the case, as the actual penetration won't be a problem the bullet will now send a shock wave rippling through the case which if not tended to will destroy the phone anyway.
1) take your A4 sheet of firm foam and cut a rectangle which will fit perfectly on the inside of the case you have built
2)check it fits and then cut out inside this rectangle a space where the phone can fit snugly inside
3)using Araldite stick the foam into the case and leave to dry
4)place a thin layer of foam on the exposed piece of metal where the phone will be placed(I haven't done this in the pictures so that you can easily see what is going on because the foam, is all the same color. This stage is vital so do not leave out )
5)cut out a piece to act as a lid
6)cut out some foam hinges and stick on as shown in pics
7) Stick an Apple logo onto the top of the lid as an extra touch if you wish

Step 5:

1) check you phone fits in correctly etc
2) you now have a  bullet proof iPhone case, so use it... carelessly?

3) If you want to be able to use camera without taking out the phone you must wait for all of the individual components to dry and stick fully, then TAKE OUT THE iPHONE before you drill a hole in the place where the camera points out. This is all very well if you are just going to make this for fun but if you seriously want the case to be as bullet proof as possible I wouldn't advise it because it is possible for a bullet to enter through this hole created and this would obviously destroy the phone.

good luck agents !!

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