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For this Instructable I have decided to REMIX Kiteman's Bull's Head Remix for the REMIX Contest. What's special about this project is that it is a remix of a remix of Kiteman recently remixed Ninchen's Wooden Bull's Head Instructable. Whew! The reason I chose this project was based on the 3D design, which translates well to creating with shrinkable plastics.

Ninchen used scrap wood, Kiteman used 3mm birch plywood and I am using Shrinky Dink plastic. You can view my in depth Shrinky Dink Instructable to study my tips on creating Shrinky Dinks. My previous SD 'ible also contains links to finding and saving money on SDs.

This is not an exact science as the heated plastic shrinks to different sizes and shapes, while creating with wood it is certainly easier to match your pieces. The end result will still be as rewarding as the others, I assure you.

Items Needed:

  • Shrinky Dink Paper
  • Computer Imaging Program (I used InDesign)
  • Ink-Jet Printer
  • Toaster Oven (conventional ovens work too)
  • Toaster Oven Tray
  • Metal Spatula
  • Oven Mitts
  • Card Stock Paper
  • Pin Back
  • Spray Paint
  • Glue (I used E-6000)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Creating and Printing Your Image

I used the template that Kiteman provided in his Instructable which I also shared here in jpeg form. If you require another format (svg), you can download the one Kiteman provided. I converted his file to a jpeg and loaded it in to my design program and fit it to the page without skewing the sizes. I also duplicated the pattern to use up space on my SD paper to not create to much waste.

  1. Import your image to your design program at 8-1/2 X 11 inches vertical.
  2. Load your SD paper into your Ink-Jet printer and print out your design. Either side is fine.
  3. Cut your design out with scissors. You can leave the ink border or cut just inside of it.

You should know after cutting your pieces out if they will work for your project. SDs shrink to about 1/3 of their original size. Before baking, my horns measured at about 8 inches.

Step 2: Baking Your Plastic

For detailed baking instructions, please refer to my Instructable - The Ultimate Shrinky Dink Guide.

  1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Place on sheet of card stock on the oven tray.
  3. Put your plastic pieces onto the paper on the tray. Be sure that your pieces do not touch one another.
  4. Set the second half of card stock on top of your SD pieces. SDs curl during the heating process and can sometimes touch and melt together, the paper prevents this from happening.
  5. Put the tray in the oven for about 3.5 minutes.
  6. Pull the tray out with an oven mitt to see if your pieces have shrunk properly.
  7. Press the pieces flat with your spatula. If they are curled or bent, put them back in the oven for a minute and repeat.

Now, let's paint it.

Step 3: Painting and Gluing Your Bull's Head

In this step you can choose any colors you want. I decided to use 18k gold and a copper spray to get a Steampunk look. I'm in a Steampunk phase right now as you may have noticed from the JEWELRYI created a few weeks ago. Depending on where you live, Steampunk may be old news, the latest style or completely out of fashion. I was motivated by a function my friends are putting on in October of this year - Steampunk Gypsy Oasis.

  1. Use a little painters tape to cover your glue spots. The glue will not adhere well to the painted surface.
  2. Paint your SD pieces in a well ventilated area and be sure to have a painting surface.
  3. Allow them to dry and re-coat them as you feel necessary. I did two coats of paint.
  4. After they have fully dried, peel the tape off to reveal the original surface. The original surface should not be able to be seen when all the pieces have been assembled.
  5. Using a small amount of glue, (I used E-6000) stick your pieces together and wipe off any excess glue.
  6. Allow to dry.
  7. Now glue your pin back onto the center of the back. I glued it so that the pin bridged over two pieces to give it extra strength.
  8. Put your new Bull's Head Pin prominently on your person to be admired greatly by your peers.

There are a bunch of ways and ideas you can use for this SD project. Shrinky Dinks are fun and there are still a great many ideas to explore with this medium. Be sure to check back often, as I will be creating with SDs into the future. Please let me know if you create with SDs, I would love to see your projects.

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