Introduction: Bunny Book in a Box (#10)

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Just in time for Easter! Bunny's ABC Adventure is a little book that fits in an Altoids tin. The book has pockets to store little magnetic props.

Step 1: Print Pages 1-2 on White Paper.

Print pages one and two on plain white paper. Print on one side only.

Step 2: Print Pages 3-5 on Light-colored Paper.

Colored paper is optional, but I think light blue made an attractive book.

Step 3: Cut Out Props.

Roughly cut around each figure on page one.

Peel the backing from a self-adhesive magnetic sheet.

Place figures as tightly as they can be placed.

Trim carefully, using sharp small scissors or an x-acto knife.

Step 4:

On pages three, four, and five, cut on the DASHED lines to produce six rectangles. The dotted lines are for folding, later.

(NOTE: Only the first two are shown in the illustration.)

Step 5: Clip Corners.

On each side of the portion that will form the "pocket," clip the corners as shown.

Step 6: Tape.

With printed side down and clipped corners at the bottom, line the first pair of pages (A-C, DE) and then the next page (F-G, H-I). Tape as shown.

Step 7: Tape.

Continue lining up the six clipped rectangles, in order, and tape all together.

Step 8: Fold.

Fold UP each pocket.

Step 9: Fold.

Each of the original rectangles now needs to be folded in half, so that the trimmed side of the pocket is near the spine of the book and the folded outer edge of the pocket is away from the spine. There will be six folds of this type.

Step 10: View After Folding.

When all folds are finished, from above, it looks like this.

Step 11: Tape A.

Using a 1" x 2" piece of packaging tape, tape at position a.

Step 12: Tape B.

Tape at position b. (NOTE: Each time you tape pages together, the taped portion becomes the "spine" of the book and pocketed book pages are formed.)

Step 13: Tape C.

Tape at position c. Note that the tape should fit UNDER the folded portion of the page that forms the pocket.

Step 14: Tape D.

Step 15: Tape E.

Step 16: Tape F.

Step 17: Cover.

Cut out the outer cover. Note that is is purposely "over-large." You will trim it later.

Fold the cover around the accordion-style pages.

Step 18: Tape Front Inner Cover.

Open. Carefully tape the inner front cover to the A-C page.

Step 19: Tape Inner Back Cover.

Flip to the last page. Carefully tape the inner back cover to the Y-Z page.

Note that the tape should run along the folded edges of the pages and then attach to the cover.

Trim the cover to fit nicely.

Step 20: Add Bunny.

Cut out the bunny figure and place inside the Altoids lid. If desired, put a little double-stick tape between.

Step 21: Cover the Tin.

Cut out the shapes for the tin lid and the tin back. Use packaging tape OR double-sided tape to attach.

Step 22: Put Props in Pockets.

Place the magnetic props in the proper pockets.

Step 23: Place Booklet in Tin.

Now it's time to play! As you read the story, remove props from the pockets and place them on the Bunny.

Have fun!

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