Introduction: Bunny Chair

Christmas is coming and my daughter is growing up, and like all girls see loves to see herself to the mirror and have some bracelets and jewelry, so we thought (me and my wife) "we should get a dressing table, she will love it!".

So, let's get hands on, I guess I can make something, of course, if I'm creating, it couldn't be a regular chair, so lets do a fancy pinky bunny chair :D Why not!?


So to this project I used

  • pencil
  • paper
  • drill
  • saw
  • paint
  • sander
  • "corner marker" (I don't know the name of that blue piece - 3D printed)
  • glue - Titebond III
  • bee wax

Step 1: The Legs

I got some wooden bars and I cut them get a chair with around 40 cm height.

To get those legs into the chair base I used two wooden pins for each leg. So I opened two holes in each one. Mark each leg with some mark, I used letters "A" to "D".

These legs for itself have no stability for 40 cm height, so I had to had some connection between them, so more wooden pins (big ones this time), more holes.

Pay attention, so they have to be misaligned, I mean, if leg "A" connects to leg "B" and "C", the leg "A" will have two holes on side, these two holes need to be at different heights.

Them round the edges and sand it, so your kid will not injure it self.

Step 2: The Ears

The ears are the piece which give some glamour to this chair.

So in a wooden piece I marked down the ear shape, cut it, had two wooden pins on the bottom of each one (make them to go further to get some stability, mine are around 10 cm inside those ear pieces) and applied some varnish and painted it, pink of course.

To create the shape I thought on a good size for height (I used my daughter backs) and the sit size I wanted to make sure both ears will fit side by side.

Then I created a circle, found the middle on the bottom, reduced about 3cm from each side, and that's it.

Step 3: The Sit Spot

The sit looks like the simple piece, but, in fact it is the hard one, this is the piece where you have to apply all your measures for each piece of this chair.

So, get this sit piece, like a wooden square, then:

  1. mark down the margin you want on the chair, probably you don't want the legs on the edge of the sit, give it some margin
  2. mark down your legs on the sit (remember, you identified your legs before, use it here, associate each leg to each corner
  3. mark down the ears, remember there were 2 wooden pins in each one, mark it on the sit.
  4. mark down the rounded corners, or just round it with a sander

After all of this, get so holes on it.

Now make it soft, round the corners, round the edges, sand it (no need for the top side, this one you will do it later)

Step 4: Assemble It

Assemble the pieces. I did first the legs and the reason is, I probably would need to set the chair upside down, and if I assembled the ears it will be a constrain, so, I assembled the legs, with some glue, cut the wooden pins excess and now you can sand the sit top side. Make sure those wooden pins feel don't feel them ;)

Spoiler alert: I applied the varnish before assemble the ears, once again, I have more mobility with this piece without the ears, so I got this chance, to apply some varnish on them.

Then get the ears on it.

Step 5: Finish It

I applied some varnish on it and over that I painted some spots in pink (coral pink to be more specific).

To real finalize it I applied some bee wax, it pops up the wood color and give it a very good smell.

So, that's it a pinky fancy bunny chair.

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