Bunny Pull-puppet

Introduction: Bunny Pull-puppet

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Happy easter everyone!

I made this bunny pull-puppet as a present for my little nephew's 2nd birthday.

Make your own bunny pull-puppet:

Download .ai file below and lasercut it from triplex 6mm thick.

NOTE: One part of the head needs to be cut out of triplex 3mm thick (the inside part of the head is marked with an X in the file)


3mm triplex
6 mm triplex
wood glue
rope (1,5 a 2 mm thick)


wooden hammer
glue clamps
drill 4,5mm thick

Step 1: Prepping

  1. Print the .pdf file below "bunny-print"
  2. Cut the bunny-shape and cut the 4 holes.
  3. Place the template on the inside of the back-part and draw where the holes are.
  4. Now flip the paper and place it on the inside of the front-part (so it's mirrored!) and draw where the holes are.

Step 2: Drill Holes and Place Sticks

  1. Drill holes on the 4 spots. On the front-plate and the back-plate. Use a drill of 4,5mm thick.
  2. Now cut a stick (4mm diameter) into 4 pieces of 13 mm length.
  3. Glue the stick in the back-plate with wood glue.

Step 3: Assemble Head and Suspension

  1. Glue the head-piece of 6mm thick.
  2. Place the suspension inside the gap.
  3. Glue the head-piece of 3 mm thick, now the suspension is locked.

Step 4: Assemble Arms and Legs

  1. Tie the rope to the arms and make a knot.
  2. Connect the arms and legs as seen in the pictures.

Step 5: Final Assembly

  1. This final part is a bit tricky.. it depends on how 'straight' you've glued the sticks... it may take a little bending of some sticks to fit the parts together. Make sure the sticks also have glue on them.
  2. Leave this to dry for half an hour with glue clamps.

You're done!

Enjoy your bunny manakin.

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