Introduction: Bunny Mug Cozy

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With Easter just around the corner,now is the perfect time to start springtime crafts and projects.Nothing is better for Easter than a DIY project.Here is a quick, fun project to create a Bunny Mug Cozy. It is super easy and fast to whip up which can easily be made in just under an hour. Make this Easter themed bunny mug cozy for your friends and family.They are irresistibly cute and am sure everyone will love them.

The pattern is worked in simple Double Crochet stitches.The Bunny Ears are made with Double and single crochet stitches.The pom pom makes up the bunny's cute tail.So overall these would also be great to make for even a beginner. Make couple of these and keep your hands dry while having your iced drinks or from burning while enjoying your hot drinks. It would be a great accessory to have all year round!

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Step 1:

Let's Start with a Slip Knot.

Step 2:

Chain 35.This mug cozy is size adjustable. You can also change the size of the Mug Cozy by altering the starting chain stitches.

Step 3:

Double Crochet in the 2nd Chain from the Hook.

Step 4:

1 Double Crochet in each of the remaining stitches.

Step 5:

The Pattern for the Mug Cozy is very simple. Just Double crochet all around till you reach the height need.

But often even this simple Double Crochet pattern gives a wobbly edge.Do you ever wonder why the edges of your crochet project aren’t straight or why your project gets wider or narrower from the bottom to the top? When I started crocheting, I had lot of projects which turned into wobbly pieces.

Recently, I saw a great Tip on Pinterest for Double Crochet Straight Edge.There was no author mentioned to give credit.

So let's see the tip to have straight edged project.

Once you reach end, Chain 2.

Step 6:

Insert the hook into the 1st chain you've made.

Step 7:

Insert the hook into the 1st chain you've made.

Step 8:

Turn your project and insert the hook into the first stitch.(the first Double Crochet)

Step 9:

Yarn over and pull up a loop.You will have 3 loops on the hook.

Step 10:

Again, yarn over and pull through 2 loops.You will have 2 loops on the hook.

Step 11:

Lastly, yarn over and pull through 2 loops.

Step 12:

Now, continue with the Double Crochet stitches.

Step 13:

See, how neatly the stitches line up and give you a straight edge.

Step 14:

Crochet till you reach the height required.

To make the button loop, make single crochet on the side of the project till you reach the center.

Step 15:

Chain 6.

Step 16:

Join back with Single Crochet in the same stitch and continue with single crochet in rest of the stitches and fasten off.

Step 17:

Sew in the button on the other side with a yarn needle.

Step 18:

This is how it should look now.

Step 19:

Let's make the Bunny Ears now.

Join the yarn on the 4th Stitch from the loop end and Chain 11.Double Crochet in the 2nd chain from the hook.Double Crochet in each of the remaining stitches.

Step 20:

Slip Stitch to join.

Step 21:

Make the 2nd ear in the same method.

Step 22:

Change to white yarn at the end of the slip stitch.

Step 23:

Single Crochet in each of the stitches on the both the ears.Fasten off.

Step 24:

For the Bunny's Tail we will attach a white colored pom pom.I have already shared a tutorial to make a pom pom with your fingers.Check it out here.

Step 25:

Fold the cozy and mark up the place for the pom pom to be sewed. It should be just behind the ears.

Sew the pom pom with a yarn needle.

Step 26:

And......there you go....your Bunny Mug Cozy is ready!!!!!

Step 27:

Use it for yourself or as a gift. You can also fill up the cup with goodies and use it for your Easter decorations.