Introduction: Bunny Pencil Holder With Plastic Bottle

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I made a cute bunny pencil holder with a plastic bottle. If you are looking for great ideas for evaluating your plastic bottles, for your room, for your desk, you should definitely make this pencil holder.


plastic bottle

spray or acrilic paint


curved knife (utility knife)

knitting thread



Step 1: Cutting:

Cut the upper part of the Plastic Bottle neatly with the help of a knife (utility knife). If there are curved places after cutting with a cutter, you can straighten them by cutting with scissors. Cut 4-5 cm from the head.

* note: this step can be dangerous, be careful when cutting the plastic bottle.


Step 2: Bunny Shape:

Draw the rabbit shape with a marker and cut it with scissors.

Step 3: Painting:

Paint it with spray paint and set it aside to dry. "Matt white spray paint" was I used. After the paint has dried, you can paint a few more coats if needed. This process depends on the quality of the paint you use.

* tip 1: applying the spray paint from a distance of 20-25 cm will provide a smoother and more beautiful appearance.

* tip 2: spray paints can dry in a few minutes if a thin layer is applied, so you can apply a few more coats of paint over the decor at intervals of a few minutes.

* tip 3: the plastic bottle is so light that it can be difficult to hold it steady when spray painting. That's why you can put a few heavy things into the plastic bottle you cut before painting. So it will be easy to paint.

Step 4: Pompom:

Make pompoms.

Step 5: Glue:

Glue the pompom to the back of the rabbit.

Step 6: Face and Ears:

Paint the rabbit's face and ears with markers.

Step 7: Finish:

And Finish 😍😍 Your pencil case is readyyy

Step 8: Video:

You can see all steps and details on my video: