Introduction: Burger and Fries Anyone?

We decided to make a hamburger and french fries for out 2x4x8 project.


We were given two, 2x4x8 pieces of wood. We used only one to do this project.

Step 1: Get Your Wood!

Gotta get them materials ready. At least one 2x4x8 is needed.

Step 2: Measuring Time!

Measure out four 6 inch blocks. This will make up the components for the hamburger. Fries come later. Go ahead and cut these bad boys out.

Step 3: Bun and Done

If you have a drill press, use an adequate bit size to drill out a circle for the top bun. Do so again for the bottom bun, and the patty. An alternative way to get these components is to sand down the wood into a round shape (though this may take a while). These components take up three of your four squares of wood that you cut.

Step 4: Gotta Have Cheese and Pickles Right?

Use the last block of wood to make the cheese and the pickles. If you have a planer, this is perfect for making the cheese thin. Then just sand around the edges of the cheese a bit. For the pickles, cut out three small squares and sand them to be round and wavy.

Step 5: Is It Ready Yet?

At this point, you should have all of your burger components.

Step 6: Time to Start Grilling!

If you have a blowtorch, use that to toast the buns a bit. Not too much, just enough so its slightly a shade browner. As for the patty, if you aren't going to color it brown, I recommend making it extra well done.

Step 7: Coloring Time!

Color the cheese yellow and the pickles green. We recommend using acrylic paint for this. Make sure to do a thin layer so the wood pattern can still be slightly seen (gives it that authentic look, you know?).

Step 8: Tiny Burger Flag.

Get a tiny stick to stick in the burger hole to "keep it together" (this is optional, and it doesn't actually keep it together. This is just for a prop).

Step 9: Where Are We at Now?

You should be right around here for the burger. Now it's fry time.

Step 10: Fries!!

Take the last bit of your 2x4x8 to make the rest of the fries.

Step 11: Slice 'em Up!

If you have a table saw, use this to cut the wood up into as many 8 inch pieces as possible. Then cut that wood in half, using a band-saw, until you get the size you want. Then use the table saw to cut the edges at a 50 degree angle.

Step 12: Stain Is Gain.

Stain the burger buns, and the fries to give it a toasted/cooked look. If you want, you can burn the edges of the fries for more authenticity by using a blowtorch.

Step 13: Hungry Ya'll? Look No Further!

You just made a yummy Burger! (and fries). You're all done! Just put the burger together to your liking, put the "food" on a platter or cutting board, and enjoy! (Eating it is not recommended. It's meant to look pretty.) Great Job! We are so proud!