Introduction: Burglar Alarm(Simple and No Coding)

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Level 1 IR based Burglar Alarm.

This is the most basic and very easy project all you need is a bunch of electronics and wires.

The project aims to simply detect the objects in its range and bamm there goes the buzzer and shuts of after a few seconds when no object is detected.All this thing requires no programing skills or much of an electrician skills either!!!!!

Difficulty Level : BEGINNER.

If this is your 1st project then be happy this is going to work and its super easy.

The circuit diagram will be linked below.


Step 1: Understanding the IR Module

Don't be scared it's going to be fun :)

IR Sensor Module Features

  • 5VDC Operating voltage
  • I/O pins are 5V and 3.3V compliant
  • Range: Up to 20cm
  • Adjustable Sensing range
  • Built-in Ambient Light Sensor
  • 20mA supply current
  • Mounting hole

This module has a built in indicator to indicate a obstacle detection !!!

To know more visit this link : IR module Datasheet

Step 2: Let's Get Started

Now let's start our project :

  • Begin by connecting the VCC through a connecting wire or solder it to the +ve wire of the battery clip.
  • Solder or connect a -ve wire to the GND pin of your IR module.
  • Connect or Solder the buzzer pins with -ve of buzzer to OUT and +ve to VCC .(IF something is not right just reverse the buzzers connections!! )
  • (OPTIONAL) Attach a electrolytic capacitor(i have used 0.1mf) to enhance the audio O/P.

Step 3: Olaaa!! It's Done

This was pretty quick :

Our project is completed and have fun with this very basic burglar alarm that can help you catch the evading picachu's and don't forget to connect the battery !!!

NOTE : This is not a efficient method of making a security system but works great for small area like your geometry box,bag,jewelry boxes,cupboard etc...but try to choose a dark area as exposing it to the bright area it may give you error readings as there is enough IR rays outside that could capture it and trigger!!!!

WorkingPrinciple :

Whenever there is an obstacle in the range of the IR rays(don't worry you can't see them , just kidding) the OUT pin in the module triggers and theregoesthe buzz!!

Remember to mess with the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity and the range(don't worry it has a max of 20cm)

Thank you and have fun !!!