Introduction: Burl Tobacco Pipe

Easy to make one of a kind tobacco pipe.

Items needed:
Small burl
Thumb gouge
Pipe step (I turn my own)
Drill and bit
Drill bit Index sizer
Sander (optional)
Food grade polish

Step 1: Hollow

Using your gouge dig out the softer center of the burl to the depth desired. )I have cheated and drilled a pilot first on some of the harder burls.)

Step 2: Measure and Drill

Check the diameter of the end of your pipe stem and drill a hole into the burl.  Try to get as close to the bottom of the bowl as you can when drilling.  If you do not have the drill bit of the size needed I recommend going a size smaller if you can, better a tight fit then a loose one.

Step 3: Assemble, Sand, and Polish

Put all the pieces together to check fit.  I like to take the bowl to a belt sander and smooth out the face removing saw marks.  Polish with a food grade polish (I use mineral oil).  Enjoy.

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