Introduction: Burlap Valentines Wall Hanging

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I remember as a kid seeing the "Love is" comic strips in the Sunday paper every week. They were quotes from a women to her future husband, which she would put under his pillow or in his pockets to find when he was away. They were quotes expressing her feelings and they were always accompanied by a small drawing. They were my inspiration for this project.

Step 1: Make a Template for the Heart

I used burlap for this project because I had it at home, but any fabric will do. Being terrible at drawing I printed off heart shapes and used them as a guide. Fold the burlap in half then pin the hearts to the fabric to keep the in place while sewing. Set the sewing machine on a fine stitch, and sew around the heart. Leave a small gap so you can add the filling later.

Step 2: Design the Iron on Graphic

To make the design I used a Cricut vinyl cutter. I added the image I wanted and cut it out onto (HTV) iron-on vinyl. I removed all the excess vinyl by weeding it with an X-Acto knife.

Step 3: Transfer the Image

Place the image onto the burlap fabric and cover it with parchment paper. Using an old iron with no steam, push down on the design for about 15 seconds. Lift the plastic film to make sure the design has transferred, if not heat for another 5 seconds at a time.

Step 4: Cut Out the Heart

The second heart was made from an off cut from a painting drop sheet. I followed the same process as the first heart. Then cut out the hearts leaving a 1 cm seam. The hearts are then stuffed with filling, from an old pillow. You can use a paintbrush to push the filling through the gap you left. Sew up the gap once stuffed.

Step 5: Make the Tassels

To make the tassel you will need some leather cord. I wrapped the cord around a plastic lid to keep them all the same length. Pull the cord off the lid and tie the one end with string and cut the other end.

Step 6: Make a Hook

To make the hook to hang my wall hanging, I used an old piece of wire I found in my workshop and bent it into shape using pliers.

Step 7: Decorate the Hearts

Next, the hearts were decorated to give them some character. I used silk roses with beads around the seams. And the items I had laying around at home. To join the 3 hearts together into a wall hanging, I used a piece of a broken bead necklace which was glued to the back with a hot glue gun. And that was my wall hanging complete.

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