Introduction: Burner

We introduce a special and convenient burner which makes your life exciting!!

Step 1: Prepare Materials

・ empty cans(different size) 

・solid fuel , liquid fuel

・interior net


・sand paper

・utility knife

・push pin

Gather these materials . It costs about 900 yen to buy what aren't at home.

Step 2: Remove the Paint of Two Cans

Remove the paint of cans with sand paper, You should choice cans witch don't have scratchs and dents.You also should be careful not to shave cans too much in order to keep the durability. Metal powder will outcome so pay attention not to inhale it.

Step 3: Pin the Cans

After you remove the paint, make some holes in the big can. Pin the big can with a push pin. You adjust the number of holes . It decides intensity of fire. Your fingers may be injured when you do it, so It is a bit hard. We encourage you to pin more holes at the bottom to pump some air.

Step 4: Cut Alminium Cans With an Utility Knife

Cut two aluminium cans with an utility knife. The time , you should adiust the height of cans. If the cross section of cans which you cut gets serrated , you had better remove the parts which are serrated.

Step 5: Put Solid Fuel Into the Can

You need to cut solid fuel which fits the can.(In fact, we cut about two centimeters square.) In excahange for the fuel, you can use another flammable substance.

Step 6: Put Liquid Fuel Into the Can

You can get the liquid fuel such as hardware stores. Please use the liquid fuel which is the same size as the can.

Step 7: Cover

Cover the small can with the larger one. When you close the cover, you must control the amount of fuel.

Step 8: Make Stand With Interior Net

Make a stand of the inteior net. Put the stand over the cans on a horizontal desk.The best distance between the cans and the top of the stand is about 16 centimeters. When you put the stand, you have to check if the stand is stable.If it is necessary to cook by strong fire, you need to make a low stand.

Step 9: Set a Fire

You should make sure to be safe and care about a burning.Once you set a fire with a lighter ,you must cover with the other can.

※Actually, we couldn't set a fire, because it is so dangerous to use fire in the university.

Step 10: Let's Enjoy Cooking!!

You can cook various food with the burner you made. This burner is very small, so you are able to carry it wherever you want to go. Please be careful to safety and arrange your dishes according to yuor preference because it is easy to make it.

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