Introduction: Glue Stick Lamp

hi!, this time I will share a tutorial on burning beautiful glue sticks using arduino, glue, cardboard, tape, and acrylic pipes.

Step 1: Get to Know Arduino

You may wonder, what is Arduino? Arduino is an electronic platform based on open source that allows users to change the programming code.

Step 2: What You Need


In this meeting, we need:

1x Arduino

1x LED (recommended to use red LEDs)

1x a to b USB

1x liquid glue

1x acrylic pipe

For carton pieces:

2x carton size 6x5 cm

2x carton size 2x6 cm

1x carton size of 5x2 cm

Step 3: Making the Case

glue all the cartons you have until it becomes a boxed one with one end open.

Step 4: Schematic

arrange a series of electronics (arduino and led) like the picture provided (the bent led is an anode).

Step 5: Coding

Upload the code to Arduino as below:

const int PIN_LED = 5; // PWM pin

void setup () {

pinMode (PIN_LED, OUTPUT); }

void loop () {

int value Random = random (176);

analogWrite (PIN_LED, 60+ Random values);

delay (200);


Step 6: Make a Pipe Rod

this pipe section is one of the important things, follow the instructions below!

1. Glue the pipe using glue (like the picture in the beginning)

2. stick the led on the bottom of the pipe

Step 7: Tidying the Circuit

make a hole in the cardboard (the size of a pipe hole) then put the end of the pipe that has a led and glued. Also insert arduino into the carton box.

Step 8: Finished

Plug the USB cable into the Arduino USB hole and plug the other side into the USB computer hole.

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