Introduction: Burning Decals Into Wood

Hi, today I am going to teaching to burn decals into wood.

Here we go!

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need are:

  • Pencil
  • Design
  • Piece of wood. ( I am using ½ Inch Plywood)
  • Router (Hand or if you have one a CNC router)
  • Torch and Lighter
  • Sander (Also if you have one a panel sander to make the finish perfect)

Step 2: Design

You need to start by having a design you want to create.

  • Choose a design that you will be able to router.(Nothing too small you can’t do)
  • Or if you have a CNC router use that but I’m guessing most won’t.

Step 3: Routering

  • Begin to router and be careful when starting some routers need a pilot hole for the router bit.
  • Router out the design.

Step 4: Burning

  • Take the torch and begin to lightly burn the surface around the design.
  • Continue to do this till the inside of the router area is nice and dark.

Step 5: Sanding

  • Begin to sand the burned area and continue to sand till burnt area is gone.

If you used plywood like me, sanding it down may have changed the colour around the design.

  • To get it all the same, you have to sand the whole board down to the same depth.
  • To make it easier of you have a panel sander, that will allow for even sanding.

Step 6: Conclusion

Hope you had fun using, Routers, Torches, and sanders.

Have a good one