Introduction: Cookie Crunch

I prefer my cookies crunchy.  A tiny bit chewy is ok, but the cookies of love from a bunny,  in a baggie tied to my door,  were  fused together with dough-like chewiness.  Oatmeal Scottys, they were.  A touching gesture, but  under cooked for a crispy dragon such as myself. 

Never one to waste love cookies,  I got out a frying pan and toasted them. No butter or oil needed,  simply put two or three cookies in the frying pan and heat gently, till they start to sizzle, then break them up into crumbles with a spatula, turning constantly, until the crumbs are nicely crunchy. Then lay them out on a paper towel to cool.  Oatmeal Scottys make a nice granola-ey type snack, but I've also done this to nasty gooey brownies, with similar crunchy results.  Great on ice cream!