Bus Stop

Introduction: Bus Stop

Creative design and engineering final exam

Step 1: Recording Measurements/ Gathering Materials

Decide how big the frame of the bus stop should be

Look around the makerspace for materials such as wood, nails and wood glue

Measure pieces of wood for the foundation

Discuss with the bench team on how big they were designing the bench so we could know exactly how big to measure the flooring

Step 2: Putting the Bus Stop Together "Build It Up"

First, create the floor foundation

Then, add foundation to each corner of the flooring to begin creating walls

Use nails and wood glue to keep the foundation of the stop together to just "Build it up"

Step 3: Flooring

After the foundation is together, put plywood over the floor foundation in order to have a spot to put the bench

Leave part of the foundation uncovered in order for the heating team to be able to run the tubing under the stop

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    3 years ago

    That looks good, I home you get an A on your project :)