Introduction: Bush Toilet

I'm currently living off grid and needed a toilet not requiring running water or septic. Not wanting to dig a big old hole and having a lady who's into gardening, I thought that adding to the compost was an easy option.

Step 1:

I used what was on hand.
- Toilet seat
- Old school milk crate
- A piece of 2x2
- 5 Gallon bucket from local bakery
- 16 1.5 inch wood screws

Tolls used
- Utility knife
- Recip saw
- Crescent wrench
- Felt pen
- Skil saw

Step 2:

Figure out your spacing. As things worked out, I was able to slightly widen 2 holes with the knife to accommadate the seat bolts

Step 3:

With the seat in place, use a marker to out line the seat hole. Remove the seat and mark a 2nd. outline approx. 1/2 " larger than the previous line. Cut out the second line.

Step 4:

Next come the legs. I had a chunk of 2x2 that I cut into 15" lengths for the legs. I cut them just a hair longer than the height of the bucket. These were screwed into place in the corners of the crate.

Step 5:

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