Introduction: Bushcraft Bannock Bread Mix

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Bannock bread is something that is easy to make and cook around a campfire.

This mixture unlike others is a dry mix and can be stored until needed then only requirement is just a bit of water when needed.


1. 3 x Cups of Flour

2. 2 x Cups of Powdered Milk

3. 1 x Cup of Raisins

4. 2 x Tbsp. of Sugar

5. 1 x Tbsp. Baking Powder

6. Luke Warm Water


1 x Baking Tin or Medium Bake Bean Tin or Frying Pan

1 x Large Mixing Bowl

1 x Tinfoil

Grease Proof Paper


This can be done in multiple ways,

Oven – Bread Tin

Campfire – Hobo Oven

Campfire – Twister Stick

Campfire – Frying Pan

Step 1: Oven

Preset your oven to 150c (This is a fan oven).

Step 2: Mixing Step 1 of 2

Get your mixing bowl and put ingredients 1 to 5 in together and mix all ingredients together to create the dry mix.

CAMPING: If you are planning to take away bag up and move to
STEP 3 when at base camp.

Step 3: Mixing Step 2 of 2

Slowly add the warm water till you get a good dough bread consistency, Line your tin with the Gease Proof Paper then Roll your dough into a ball and then put into your tin and leave in a warm area to settle for 20-30 minutes (if using yeast instead of baking powder).

Step 4: Cooking

OVEN: Put your bread tin in the oven

and cook till golden brown approx. 55 - 70 minutes (With a Fan Oven) (But My Very On Oven)Remember when cooking on ember the heat is anywhere from 615 - 1200 Celsius.

FIRE Hobo Oven: Place Tin Can into Hobo Oven on top of 3 stones and place tinfoil over top of the larger tin.

FIRE Twister Sticks: Get sticks you know aren't poisonous and get some dough and twist around sticks and hold close to fire – Cook till golden.

FIRE Frying Pan: Place tin next to fire and rotate slowly.

Step 5: ENJOY

Once happy remove and ENJOY.

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