Introduction: Bushcraft Knife Made With Woodwork Tools,

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This Istructables is how I went about making a bushcraft knife using basic woodworking tools, this is the first knife i've ever made but its something i have been thinking about for some time and I didn't want to spend money on getting new equipment so I used only what I have in my workshop.

Step 1: Designing the Shape

I spent quite a bit of time getting the shape down on paper after trying various shape the only way was for me to make a MDF pattern and tried it in my hand until it felt right and thats how i got the final shape

Step 2: Scribing the Pattern on the Steel

After designing my knife I transferred it to 8mm MDF and I cut it out and refined it on the disc sander.

I used 4mm O1 carbon tool steel

After scribing the around pattern i used my 4 inch disc grinder with a 1mm disc to cut the rough shape out then ground it to the scribe line using a bench grinder initially and belt sander to get all the edge at 90 degree this is very important step.

Step 3: Getting the Shape Right

I wanted to keep the edges of the knife at 90 degrees so i built a temporary fence on the belt sander, I will need to make it more robust and prettier on my next knife but it done the job for now

Step 4: Tapered Tang

I drilled the tang for the laniard and bolts an 3 larger holes to lighten the knife and counter sunk the holes.

I've tapered the tang and scribed the lines by placing a 2mm drill under the blade and used a 2 mm drill to scribe a 1mm line round the tang

Then I ground down to the scribe lines on the edges on my bench grinder to give me a visual guide for the flattening process

Step 5: Flattening the Tang

I flattened the tang on the belt sander frequently cooling it in water until I had a perfectly flat surface

I made a quick jig out of 2 inch angle aluminium by screwing 2 screws in the face to hold the knife up and a bolt threaded in the bottom to give me various bevel degrees

I ground a steep 29 degree scandi bevel on this knife and done an initial polish .

Next step is to heat treat and temper the blade ,put on the scales and shape the handle.

see you soon

Step 6: Hope You Enjoyed the Instruction Please Watch the Video