Introduction: Bushcraft Tool Kit

Bushcraft can be a fun hobby and or camping activity. or here is what you need and how to use it. bushcraft is about making and living in the natural environment.

Step 1: Knife

the ideal bushcraft knife is a fixed blade knife. A fixed blade knife has a blade that doesn't fold. another option is a folding knife with a blade lock. having the locking blade is important, because the way you hold a knife, if it was to close would cut your knuckles. i.e not good. knives like kitchen knives are to be avoided the thin blade can snap easily. always cut away from yourself. and be aware that your fingers are not in the way if the knife was to slip.

Step 2: Axe or Hatchet

An axe or hatchet are great tools for removing large amounts of material or getting closer to the rough shape of a piece. for this tool kit a small hatchet will work best. always be aware of the swing through if you were to miss so stand off to the side. do not chop on rocks or near metal protrusions (like bolts on a picnic table)to avoid damage to the blade.

Step 3: Draw Knife

this tool is very help full. but not necessary. it is used for fast material reduction. for safe use always clamp material to table or use in conjuration with a shave horse.

Step 4: Shave Horse

this is another nonessential but is extremely helpful. this is not something you would carry with you but rather something you make at the homestead (or just home). it is used to hold a piece down as you work on it. in any orientation.

Step 5: Bowl Gouge (not for Wood Turning)

Used for hollowing out bowls or spoons. it is an important tool for the tool kit. that if the tool slips that you will not be in the way. it is used like a chisel

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