Introduction: Bushfire Wildlife Water Station

About: Wombat and wildlife fan

The 2019/20 bushfires have devastated large parts of Eastern Australia with millions of native animals killed. Animals that survive the fire desperately need water to recover. This cheap and easy to make water stations can provide a water source for animals such as Koalas, Wombats, Kangaroos, Possums and birds.

All parts should be available from your local hardware store. The water stations can be secured and placed in areas that have been affected by the fires. Be sure to remove the water station after the area has recovered, we don’t want to be littering.


1.5m length of 90mm PVC stormwater pipe
1 x 90 degree 90mm PVC pipe bend (male - female ends)
1 x 90 degree 90mm PVC pip bend (female - female ends)
1 x 90mm end cap
1 x PVC cement (make sure it is drinking water safe)

Step 1: Join Parts Together

Assemble all of the parts before you glue it together so you know how it will look.

Step 2: Glue Parts Together

Clean all of the surfaces to be joined. You can use methylated sprits or acetone.
It is critical that all joins are watertight so follow the instructions on the PVC glue bottle. Most PVC glue comes with a brush inside the lid. Make sure both surfaces are evenly coated in the PVC glue before you join. The glue goes off fast so be sure to push parts together firmly and hold as instructed on glue bottle. Use gloves, the glue can be messy if you get in on your hands.

Step 3: Allow Glue to Dry and Test

To fill with water you will need to lay it flat on the ground and fill until water comes out of the bend. Lift the station upright and water should be just below the open section of pipe. If the water spills out you may have a leak at the top where the end cap is joined. The water should replenish as animals drink.

Step 4: Install the Station

You can tie the station to a vertical tree or post with rope or cable ties. To refill you will need to remove and lay it flat on the ground.

Great job helping the animals affected by the terrible bushfires!