Introduction: Business Card Box

The Business Card Box is designed to be cut on a laser cutter using 1/4" plywood. Once assembled, the box holds standard 3.5"x2" business cards. But you can also use it to store any keepsakes that you would want. These boxes make great gifts as you can engrave any text or designs that want in them while cutting it on the laser. The design uses 1/4" plywood and is double walled, so the box is incredible strong. It can hold over 150 lbs placed on top of it. The design also uses a living hinge concept so the four side walls are made from a single piece of wood. The living hinge also allows the box to have rounded corners giving it a much more appealing feel. Once the parts are cut, they are sanded and stained. The box is assembled using glue and 23 gauge headless pins.

These design is free and open for you to use. Click here to get the free design files.

Step 1: Video of the Whole Process

Here's a video that explains what to do with all of the pieces that you get from the laser. It includes sanding, staining and assembly.

Step 2: Decide on Any Customization or Personalization

As the parts are cut on a laser cutter, it is easy to add laser engraving to the design. So before you cut, you should decide what you want engraved on your box. There are lot's of possibilities. You should add the text or images you want engraved with your laser software.

Step 3: Cut Pieces on the Laser Cutter

The parts for the box are all cut from 1/4" material on a laser cutter. So be sure to use a laser that can cut through material of that thickness.

Something to think about if you are moving the parts around is what direction you want the grain to go in. I ussually have the grain going in the same direction for all of the vertical pieces (the sides). And also have a common grain direction for all of the horizontal pieces.

Step 4: Sand the Parts

Click here to see the sanding section of the video.

I only sand the exposed sides of the parts. The video explains which side will be exposed. I sand with an electric mouse sander. I do two passes. The first with 120 grit; the second with 240.

Step 5: Stain the Parts

Click here to see the staining section of the video.

I only stain the exposed sides of the parts which are the same sides that I sanded. The video explains which side will be exposed.

After the stain has dried, I quickly go over the pieces with very fine steel wool to smooth out the surfaces.

Step 6: Gluing the Parts Together

Step 7: Nailing the Parts Together

Step 8: Enjoy

Use your Business Card Box to hold your cards or other keepsakes. Even better, is giving these as gifts.

If you have any questions, please check our forums for this design.

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