Introduction: Business Card Glider / Killing Machine

What do you do when you're bored at work and all you have are business cards to play with? You make a...


All you need are these ingredients:

-Business card
-Some paperclips
-A pen or pencil
-Tape (optional)
-A rad straightedge you got in elementary school

Step 1: Empennage

Using the ruler and pen/pencil, draw a line across the length of the business card about 1.5 cm from the edge.

Step 2: Vertical Stabilizer / Lifting Surface

Make two cuts along this line, from the outside edge on either side, but only going about 1.5 cm into the card. The more careful and precise you are, the better your plane will fly.

Fold each end up! This will be the tail section of your aircraft. I like to fold about 45 degrees, mainly because it's (a) stealthy and (b) it looks cool.

If your card has a natural camber, or bend, to it, fold away from the camber. If it doesn't, add a very slight one. This will provide lift.

Step 3: Payload

Apply paperclips. You're done! Now throw it!

There's a good chance it won't fly at first. That's fine, because now you'll have to tune it until it does. Slide the paperclips fore and aft, or bend the tail section up along the line you drew earlier, or fold the vertical stabilizers up a bit more.

Once you get your glider tuned, you can use the tape to secure the paperclips in place. Now go amuse your cat!