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Introduction: Business Card Holder

About: I am a Woodworking Hobbyist, I enjoy creating from what most people would consider scraps. To give new life to a piece of wood and give joy to someone with a Special Hand Made Gift.

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Step 1: Business Card Holder

Create you own Business Card Hold with a single piece of Scrap. This was made with a piece of Mahogany. With a little resawing, and scroll work, you can make it as well.

Step 2:

Measure the Length you want the holder to be.

Step 3:

Cut your piece to the measurement

Step 4:

Mark the center point to resaw the board

Step 5:

resaw your marked line on the bandsaw

Step 6:

Plan down the resaw side smooth

Step 7:

glue up the 2 pieces

Step 8:

with spray adhesive , place your pattern to the board after glue has dried and sanded smooth

Step 9:

Scroll out your pattern

Step 10:

use a foster bit to cut the recess for the clock

Step 11:

Draw out you arms for the cards and cut out with the scroll saw or bandsaw

Step 12:

insert the 2 arms to your scroll work, and glue to the base

Step 13:

you can use a drinking straw to scoop out the glue squeeze out once it is clamped together

Step 14:

I used Semi Gloss Deft Spray lacquer as a finish

Step 15:

insert the clock to the recess you drilled

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    WoodCrafts 67
    WoodCrafts 67

    6 years ago

    Hi Sterling

    This is Beautiful work my Friend. You make really nice projects, I might make one myself and add a pocket watch to it as I have a couple of them on my shelf. Thank you for sharing this Instructable. Take care.