Introduction: Business Card Holder Out of a Pocky Box

Hi there!

This is my first Instructable, so I hope you all like it :]

I came up with this when I got my new pack of business cards in the mail and I had nothing to put them in so that they didn't get destroyed in my purse. Turns out, the small pocky boxes are the perfect width for standard sized business cards! So I hacked it up, lol.
Bonus > This is super easy!

First, get all your supplies together:

1 Small Box of Pocky - The single serving kind ( The kind they have at Walmart is the best)
Tape (Optional, but useful)
X-Acto knife (If you have one, if not I used a steak knife. Works fine xD)
Glue Stick
Pen or Marker
Business card

Got everything? Awesome! Let's get started!

Step 1:
Eat your Pocky or save it to enjoy while you do this :]

Get your Pocky box. Don't hack it up until you measure it! Lay it down so that the open side is up.

Lay your business card on top of the box, with the top of the card even with the top edge of the box.

Step 2:
Draw a line along the edge of your business card. This is where you're going to fold later on. Repeat step one on all four sides of the box, so that you have a line going all the way around.

Step 3:

Measure the thin side of the box. Or if you have a second box like I did, set the first one on top so that the narrow edge is even with the line you drew. It should measure 3/4 of an inch wide. (If you have a wider box, then use whatever measurement you get)
Once you measured it, you'll want to draw a second line all the way around that is that distance from the first line.

I didn't measure, I just cut and went, but I really suggest you measure it so that the bottom of your box looks even once you fold it. Mine looks a little funky, but I didn't mind it. 

Step 4:

Take your X-Acto knife (or steak knife) and cut just below the SECOND line. If you don't want to cut all the way around with the knife, then just cut a small space and use your scissors for the rest.

Step 5:

With your scissors, cut along the corners of the box, from the bottom up to your first line. This will give you four tabs!

Step 6:

Put one of your cards inside of the box and align it with the bottom of the corner cuts you made. Fold all of the tabs down into the box and crease them. Don't fold them the other way!
Then, unfold them for now.

Step 7:
Apply some glue to the nutrition facts tab on the white side.
Fold it down and gently press the two smaller tabs down onto it. You'll probably have to stick your fingers in the box :]

Step 8:
Apply glue to the cardboard side of the other large tab and fold it down. Keep it pressed for a few seconds, just so that it holds a bit.

And your done!

Optional Step 9:

You can tape the bottom of the box after you fold it, and put tape around the box all over to protect it a bit. If you have some laminating sheets, you could probably use that too, just cut it to fit.

Hope you all liked this and I hope you try it out!
Thanks for reading :]
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