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Introduction: Business Card Holder Tray

I was tired of leaving my cards in a stack on counter tops in storefronts. Having no display and just a few stores to display in. I needed to create a card stock POP to display my cards. The die line is available here and on my website under services .

1) So to start off we need to print out the die line and cut out the rectangle you can change the copy to suit your needs.
2) Second you will need to place a 1 inch square of double sided tape as show in Photo A
3) Then fold the ends over
4) Then the whole piece in half lengthwise (if you can only fold the center your sides will look nicer)
5) You will then need to pinch the ends as show in the photo D.  
6) After you pinch you can then use a stapler to staple once on each side (just in case the tape does not hold) 
7) Place your cards into the display with the legs facing the back
8) Your done enjoy. Vote for me please I can use the prize thanks. 

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9 years ago on Introduction

what a cool idea. You should pitch it to business card design and print companies like or and rip the profits.