Introduction: Business Card Phone Stand

Phone stands are extremely useful especially when traveling but the last thing you want while traveling is any extra bulk that your average phone stand brings. This instructable will teach you how to turn a business card into a stand for your phone. This slim stand can fit in your wallet and folds back up after use to be ready for next time.

Step 1: Cut Your Card

Download the BCardStand.SVG file. If you have access to a laser cuter, you can import it into your software to cut the card. I used a little tape to hold down the card so the air assist didn't blow it away.

If you don't have a laser cutter don't worry, you can print the SVG and then tape it over a business card. Then use a razor or hobby knife to trace the lines and cut the card. Easy!

Step 2: Fold the Card

After you have cut the card, you will find three tabs at the top and one tab at the bottom. The three tabs at the top are one small one, one long one, and one small one. Fold the two small ones back leaving the center tab in place. Fold the bottom long tab forward, this will catch the bottom of your phone and keep it from sliding out of place. Now pull the tongue up and fold the outer sides of the card at the midline. Slide the tongue through the top slit and place the top center tab through one of the cut slits in the tongue to lock it in place. You can adjust the angle of your phone by altering what slot on the tongue you place the tab through.

Now you can place your phone in the stand and enjoy.

Step 3: Alternative Cards

If you want to make a more stable version, try thicker cards. Old hotel room keys, rewards club cards, or even your old drivers license could be good options. An old credit card might work but I haven't tried it and I would expect any embossed numbers would get in the way.

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