Busted Mug to Good Cup

Introduction: Busted Mug to Good Cup

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This is a quick project to get more years of service out of the mug you just dropped and busted the handle off of.

Watching the video shows all the steps. (and a amp shop tip or two) Please like and subscribe to my channel.


You will need.

  • Mug with busted handle.
  • something to chip off as much handle leftovers off as possible with
  • bench grinder
  • Your Personal Protective Equipment: PPE

I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY, use your sense in the shop please.

Step 1: Bust the Leftover Handle Off.


Any hard object will do for this I used the post vice. (See video link in intro)

The more you get off this way the less grinding is required.

Throw the handle bits some where they can do some good, (not the trash) how about the driveway a spot that people cut corners of sidewalks the road, rock garden maybe?

Step 2: Grind the Rest of the Handle Ends Off. and Enjoy.


Using a grinder (I suppose any grinder with a aluminum oxide wheel will do) grind down the handle ends until they are suitably flush with the mug body. (See video link in intro)

Wash your cup before using it. (you wouldn't want to drink all that ceramic dust.)

Enjoy your handle less mug for years. (or till you drop it again)

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    3 years ago

    It definitely looks like this project wasn't a "bust"! ;D