Butch the Lighted Grinch




Introduction: Butch the Lighted Grinch

The lighted Grinch project is an Arduino based Christmas lighting system. It involves the use of multiple Leds attached to an Arduino Uno. The lights move back and forth in a similar fashion to Kit on the old Knight Rider show. They are attached in a regular Santa Hat.

Step 1: Materials Needed.

8 led lights of various colors.

wires of various lengths

Arduino Uno

Soldering iron

Hot Glue Gun

Printed Board

9v battery

Solder the wires to the Leds. I cut the wires to about 8 inches each. Mark where you plan to glue the lights on the inside of the hat, about 1 inch apart.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Hot glue the leds by the marks. Run the wires through the hat, by cutting small holes. solders all the ground to the a printer board. The wiring diagram for the positive leds are in the code from pin 13 through 7. The code is attached. The speed can be varied by changing the delay. Attach the 9 v battery and the ground. You can also add a switch for convenience.


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    Very funny project...

    As I see your project... I want to make it for my kids too.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. They heard about this on my Job, and now I have to give a demo of my arduino projects at work. So its applies for adults too.

    This just reminds me of all the times when I was little and I always watched the cartoons & almost every disney movie xD