Introduction: Butt Board (sledding With Skis)

The goal of this Instructable is to create a platform for sledding with old skis.  The crux of this Instructable is to create a platform for attaching STUFF to skis without modifying the skis or bindings.  In essence take a 2X4 and create a ski boot shape out of it to mount into the binding as a boot normally would.

Step 1: Trace

 Trace the footprint of your ski boot on a 2X4.

Step 2: Cut

 Cut what you traced.  I used a hand held jig saw but use what you've got.  The saw blade made a slightly crooked cut so pay attention to the desired shape vs. the actual cut shape.  Remember that the important edge is the one created after the next 2 steps.

Step 3: Depth Measure

 I held the pencil stationary and rotated the 2X4 to create a line signifying the depth for the router to plunge.

Step 4: Rout

 Set the depth of the router to the 2 pencil lines.  The distance inbound it not important as long as it is as far as the boot.

Step 5: Check Fit

 Try to snap the 2X4 shoe into the ski binding by stomping on it.  Be sure to protect the ski edges by placing them on a forgiving surface like plywood.  If too much material has been cut try to putty with any fairly rigid means.  My first attempt required some puttying so I scooped up the saw dust and mixed it with epoxy and made a mold with a strip of duct tape to hold the putty's form.

Step 6: Attach Accessories


Step 7: Play

It's always good to brainwash little children to becoming engineers.  This is my 2.5 year old on the single ski version.  His max run was 10 feet!

Step 8: Reconfigure

 Now that you have created a 2X4 shoe you can mount all sorts of things to it.  Here is a single ski version that you have to balance like a bike.  I have also tied a single ski on to my boot and put my other foot on the front.  I hope you enjoy and post your creations.  Thanks.

Rob Stupplebeen