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This desert is very simple but tastes wonderful. When my dad had his annuel batch mates dinner, I made this and, It just dissappeared! Everyone said it was really good and the sweetness was just right! It is not expensive to make but looks a real treat! Try it and let me konw what you think :-)

Step 1: ​Ingredients

1 small tin condensed milk (390g)

4 tsp gelatin ( unflavored)

3/4 cup Sugar

75g butter

3 eggs

Instead of peaches you can use mangoes or lychees.

Step 2: First Soak 4tsp of Gelatin in 1/2 Cup of Cold Water.

Keep it aside.

Step 3: Now to Make Our Caramel Add 3/4 Cup of Sugar in Pan and Stir Till It Gets Slightly Brown.

Step 4: As Soon As You See It Get Brown Add 75g of Butter and 1/4cup Hot Water and Stir.

Step 5: Here Is Your Caramel Ready. Put It in a Cup and Keep Aside.

Step 6: Separate Your Egg Yorks and Whites.

Step 7: Beat the Whites With 1tsp of Sugar Till It Peaks Up. Keep Aside.

Step 8: In a Bowl, Add the Small Tin of Condese Milk.

then 3 cups of water from the same condese milk tin and the egg yorks. Beat well and strain so there are no lumps. Pour this mixture into a bowl.

Step 9: Now Heat the Mixture and Stir. Do Not Boil, Wait Till It Coats the Back of the Spoon.

Now add the gelatin to the mixture and stir.

Step 10: Now Add the Caramel and Mix Well in Low Heat. Let It Simmer for a Minute or Two.

Take off fire and stir. Keep to cool.

Step 11: Once the Mixture Is Cool, Fold in the Stiff Egg White.

Step 12: Open Your Peach Tin and Layer Your Bowl With Peaches.

Step 13: Pour the Mixture and Freeze.

Keep in fridge for an hour or till set.

Once the butter scoth sufley has set, garnish with peaches on top too. Your delecious desert is done!

Your scumptios desert is ready to be devoured ! LOL

Please try it and let me know how you like it!

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