Introduction: Buttered Air Popped Brown Bag Popcorn

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I am old school. We don't have a microwave. We have a stove. We also use cast iron. This istructable will feature a classic device called an air popper. You plug it it, it blows hot air and spins the kernels till they pop and then they funnel out. If you find one at a yard sale or thrift shop, I suggest it. it tastes better than microwave in my opinion.

Step 1: Brown Lunch Bags, Dollar Store Special.

the butter will soak through so i use 2.

Step 2: Bag in Bag

i find it easier to open a bag and place closed bag inside

Step 3: Open Bag

open bag in bag

Step 4: Slide

push the bag all the way down


nothing like buttery goodness. use room temp butter for easier spread. just rub the inside of the bag with butter.

Step 6: Buttered Good

greasy goodness

Step 7: Kernel Panic?

nope. we got kernels. only need like... about an ounce?

(bad linux joke. im not sorry)

Step 8: Start'r Up

THIS ancient thing-a-ma-jig is an air popper. plug it in, start it up, wait a half a minute... with the top off (or you'll be sorry...)

Step 9: Add Kernels

powered by hot air so the top will get hot. if you did keep the top on, use an oven mitt to remove it. other wise poor kernels in and put the top on. it'll take a minute for the action to start but you can watch them spin while they heat up.

Step 10: Bag Time Show.

i know. im full of bad puns.

anyway, add bag like so directly after putting the top on. i use the kernel cup to prop the bag since the kernels popping into the bag could jiggle the bag from its place. that would cause the popped corn to end up everywhere except the bag... like the floor...

Step 11: Its a Twister

behold the action. i have to jiggle it a little to coax them into the bag, which probably recirculates airflow.... using a bowl is better but try shaking a buttered bowl full of popcorn... floor corn is, well, not my favorite.

Step 12: Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhh

pop corn.

Step 13: Fold & Shake

shake shake shake

shake you baggy

Step 14: Tada

enjoy your air popped butterd popcorn.