Introduction: Butterflies @ My Desk

Butterflies !!! Simple and easy to make. It just takes 5 mins. These can be made during tea time or lunch break or when you just want to take your eyes off your laptop for few mins. They can be made with materials that are found around your desk.

Materials Needed:

Gem clips
A4 Sheets
Marker or Sketch pens
Push Pins
Coke/Others Can
Plastic Folder

Step 1: Sketch Out

Sketch out favourite butterfly wings. This can be a rough sketch with just one side of the butterfly.

Step 2: Measurement

I have taken the body measurement as 3cms which is the length of my gem clips.
The length of butterfly wings can go bigger. My butterflies length varies between 6 to 8cms. 
The width of the butterfly is taken as 3cms.
I have used 2 sizes of butterflies. I have not followed any measurement for the smaller ones. I did a free hand drawing.

Step 3: Mark N Cut

Fold the A4 Sheet to 8cms lengthwise. Draw a rectangle with the above measurements. Mark the centre of length ie, at 4cms on the fold side. Mark 1 1/2cms above and below the centre point. This is the body of the butterfly. Draw the Body within the mark at a width of 1cm. Then draw the desired wing design. Its absolutely fine if the wing design slightly extends beyond the rectangular mark.
Cut it to shape.

Step 4: Small Butterfly

Once the Big Butterfly is cut, place it on top of the folded side of the A4 sheet and trace the outline. Draw the small butterfly inside the outline using free hand style. It can be 1cm inside the outline from all sides. Cut it to shape.

Step 5: Color and Clip

Highlight the outline of both butterflies,using marker or sketch pen. Try some free hand designs inside the wings.

Clip them together using Gem Clip. They need not be stuck, Gem clip holds them together preety well. Moreover, Since the butterflies are made using thin sheet of papers, gemclips makes them more firm.

Step 6: Other Butterflies

I tried these Butterflies with lot other materials than you will come across in your office.

1. Halloween Butterfly made from a used envelop and a black marker.
2. Newspaper. You will find it in your office reception.
3. This is made from a fruit drink can. Though its not considered as an office supply, you can easily find them in your office cafeteria.
4. A4 sheet.
5. An old report.
6. Magazine.
7. I am making one with an old plastic folder. They are longlasting.

Step 7: Purpose

Here are some of the ways in which I used these butterflies.

1. BookMark: Cut a 1cm(Width) strip(Length as required) of a cardboard or a file and attach it to the butterfly by simply inserting it into the gem clip or stapling it.
2. Pushpin: Insert the butterfly into a pushpin as use it in your notice board.
3. Keychain: Insert a key ring into the gemclip and use it as a key chain.
4. Magnet: Attach a magnet behind the butterfly and use it on your refridgerator.
5. Bag Accessory: Insert it into the paper bag as an accessory.

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