Introduction: Butterfly Cupcakes

Hello Cupcakes yet again! I am new to Instructables, so I was looking through my computer for pictures of past desserts I made. I came across the Monarch Butterflies that I made for a graduation party this past summer. They were an exciting and easy project. I hope you like them!

What You'll Need
24 Different Color Baking Liners
Piping Bags
Wax/parchment paper
Traced Wings and Antennae
1 bag of Dark cocoa Candy Melts
Different Color Candy Melts
White Nonpareils
1 can of Chocolate Frosting
1 can of Vanilla Frosting
Food Coloring
48 chocolate chips

Step 1: Making the Wings & the Antennae

1. Trace 24 pairs of wings and 24 antennae on parchment/wax paper

Step 2: Making the Wings & the Antennae Continued...

2. Place some of the dark cocoa candy melts into an unsealed piping bag then place bag into the microwave. Microwave for 10-second intervals, massage the candy melts and put them back in the microwave for another 10 seconds. Repeat the process until you reached a total of 1 minute or until the candy melts are smooth. Snip the tip of the bag.
3. Using the piping bag, trace your wings. Reheat the candy melts in the microwave for several seconds if it becomes too thick
4. Pick a color you are going to fill your wings in with, and you are going to melt the candy using the same technique as the dark cocoa candy melts- put each color melts in their own piping bag and microwave until smooth. Snip the tip of the bag.
5. Fill the wings in with the melted candy. Using a toothpick, pull the dark cocoa into the colored candy melt to create the wing design. While the candy is still liquid, sprinkle the upper part of the wing with some white nonpareils. Repeat this process until your sets of 24 wings are filled. Reheat the candy melts in the microwave for several seconds if it becomes too thick
6. Using the dark cocoa piping bag, trace your antennae.

*The wings and antennae can be completed a few days before you make your cupcakes*

Step 3: Baking the Cupcakes & Assembling the Cupcakes

7. Using different color baking liners, bake 24 standard cupcakes. Let cool then ice with buttercream frosting. I decided to dye my icing based on the color of my cupcake liners.
8. Once your cupcakes are iced, you are ready to assemble your butterflies. Place two chocolate chips ½ inch apart on top of the cupcakes to form support for the wings. Press the inside edge of a pair of wings into the frosting about ¼ inch apart, allowing the wings to lean on the chocolate chips. Gently press the antennae into the frosting at the head of the butterfly.
9. Place your chocolate icing into a piping bag and pipe 4 beads of frosting down the length of the body.
10. You are finished, and you made beautiful butterflies!