Introduction: Butterfly Shadow Box

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This is a really easy Shadow Box that I made for my Parents grave :)

Step 1: Items You Need

I used a clock that I bought from a cheap shop, ( this one I have already taken out the workings ) $ 5.00

Florist foam, paper & sticks. Can buy from cheap shops or craft shops. ( Around about $3.00 but mine was from some flowers I was sent.

Wire Glitter Butterfly Appliques- They were bought from Ebay ( 13pcs for $3.30 )

Black felt - craft shop ( $ 2.00 )

Owl and Bows Embellishments - Ebay ( $ 3.00 )

Hot glue gun

Step 2:

Pull the backing off the clock and take out the workings.

Cut out the felt to the shape of the backing, and glue to the backing on the plain side.

Step 3:

Cut the florist foam to the length of the box, and to the width to where the backing will fit back into.

Cut enough of the green paper to cover the foam and attach with a bit of glue to hold it down .

Place covered foam into the shadow box up against the glass.

Step 4: Butterflies and Embellishments

I used the hot glue gun to stick the butterflies to the sticks, and the cabochon to the Owl.

Then poke the sticks through the foam to where ever you want to place them.

Place Owl where ever you like :) The backing of the box should fit snuggly back into place.

The clock face is still showing on the other side, but this is where I put the time of my mums death, as it is going on my parents grave.

The bows I just glued on with the hot glue gun.. :)