Introduction: Butterfly Ring

Butterfly Ring.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

I am using 20 gauge soft wire in two colors, gold and copper. My tools are metal cutters, players and wire curlers.

Step 2:

Step 3: Wrap Wire to Make the Ring.

Instead of a ring mandrel, I used a highliter to wrap my ring. I made sure to leave an inch on each side for the antennas.

Step 4: Form the Antennas

Push the excess wires up to form the antennas.

Step 5: Form the Wings.

Add two wires measuring four and a half inches for wings. The top wire should be longer than the bottom wire. Add a third wire to assemble the ring and form the body.

Step 6: Final Shaping of Ring.

Using the wire curler, curl bottom portion of wire forming lower wings, then curl upper wire forming upper wing, and finally slightly curl the wires forming the antennas.

Step 7: Enjoy Ring.

Make a whole bunch of them.

Step 8: Easy Instructions.

Just in case the instructions were hard to follow.

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