Introduction: Buttermilk Sky Raspberry Pi Case

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Who doesn't like pie?

There happens to be an awesome pie shop around the corner called Buttermilk Sky Pie. I was very excited to have a taste of the wonderful culinary perfections that they offer. NOTE: One of the hardest parts of this tuorial is selecting which flavor pie you like to eat-- they are all soooo gooood! NOTE-2: "Buttermilk Sky Pie" is a trademark--- like Altoids. No, this isn't an advertisement, but if you get a chance to taste one of the pies, YOU SHOULD! I purchased one of the small pies "to-go" and received a beautiful sturdy box to tote my pie back home.

No... Buttermilk Sky Pie does not typically sell raspberry pie.

Tools Needed

  • Cutting board or mat
  • Exacto Knife
  • Pencil

All cuts are made from the inside of the box-- without any logo or writing-- except one.

Step 1: Unfold the Box and Make First Cut

This little sturdy box can easily be unfolded by opening the top, flip the box over onto your hand or stick, apply a little pressure-- slightly pushing the bottom up-- and use the pencil to push the tabs in the two side slots into the middle of the box. The box should unfold very easily.

Open the box so the inside faces upwards and align the Pi to the box as shown above. Use the pencil to mark, then cut the box with the Exacto.

Step 2: Second Cut

The second cut is just as easy. Align the Pi as shown, pencil trace and cut. This cut isn't very critical since there is still another layer of cardboard outside of this one.

Step 3: Third Cut

The third cut is just as easy but this layer is the outside layer-- keep it as neat as possible. I gave myself plenty of room for plugs that might need extra space but didn't want the space to be so large to look sloppy.

Step 4: Fourth Cut

The fourth cut is another slightly tricky cut. It's another non-critical cut but you can line up the phone plug with the crease on the side of the box. Trace and cut.

Step 5: Fifth Cut

This is the only cut made from the outside of the box. Flip the box over, trace, and cut.

Step 6: Options of Sdcard and Securing Board Into Corner of Box.

Here you can see that I cut a small square in the bottom of the box so I can access the sdcard. I assembled the box and pencil marked the approximate location of the sdcard slot and marked the location of furthest hole from the corner. I re-disassembled the box and made the cuts and drilled the hole.

I bolted the Pi to the inside of the box with a nylon washer as a stand-off. The options of securing are endless.