Butterscotch Apple Trifle Delight

Introduction: Butterscotch Apple Trifle Delight

one of my favorite desserts is Trifle so today was a twist day on the traditional trifle using apples .

For me cooking is about creativity, there is many cookbooks and recipes but I see them as a guide line not as a rule when making something, Imagination and taste are the best tool you can have making food.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 3 cooking apples
  • 225 grams of unsalted butter
  • 125 grams of self raising flour
  • 3 small eggs
  • 140 grams caster sugar
  • 125 grams demerara sugar
  • 500 ml double cream
  • tsp of vanilla essence
  • 1001 sprinkles

Step 2: Make the Cake

  1. Pre heat oven to 190 degrees
  2. Mix 125 grams of caster sugar with 125 grams butter
  3. Add 125 grams of flour , 3 eggs, 1 tsp vanila essence and mix
  4. put the cake mixture in a suitable tin lined with grease proof paper
  5. Place in oven for 25 minutes

While the cake is baking we will make the apple

Step 3: Apple

I had 4 cooking apples but only used 3

  1. peel and core apple
  2. cut in to bite size pieces
  3. Place in a pan and add 25 grams demerara sugar
  4. put in 100 ml of water
  5. bring to the boil and let simmer until apple is cooked (about 10 min)

Step 4: Butterscotch Sauce

in a thick bottom pan

  1. Chop 100 grams of unsalted butter
  2. and 200 ml of cream
  3. 100 grams demerara sugar
  4. slowly simmer until thickend and turn brown in colour

Step 5: Final Cooking

  1. Take cake out of oven
  2. strain apple mixture
  3. Mix the remainder cream with 15 grams of sugar until thick
  4. put cream mixture in fridge and let everything else cool

Step 6: Assembly

  1. Pick something suitable to put trifle in
  2. cut cake in to small pieces and place a few bits in bottom of glass
  3. add apple mixture
  4. Add butterscotch sauce
  5. top with the cream and place 1001 sprinkles on top

decorate plate and serve

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