Introduction: Butterscotch Vodka

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In this instructable i am going to show you an incredibly simple way to make a great festive feeling alcoholic drink that's a brilliant winter warmer and guaranteed to be a hit at any Christmas party.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools


1x liter bottle of vodka

2x butterscotch sweets (I'm using Werthers originals but any will do)

Ice cream chocolate sauce (not pictured)

100s & 1000s


A liter jar

rolling pin

dish towl

plastic bag

2 small bowls (not pictured)

Shot Glasses (also not pictured)

Step 2: The Highly Technical Bit

Take one of your bags of butter scotch sweets, unwrap them and put them in the plastic bag. now give them a good bashing with the rolling pin. You don't need to break them up but the more surface area there is of the sweets the quicker they will dissolve plus its stress reducing and fun.

the reason we have put it in a jar is that its just easier to get the sweeties in.

Put your smashed up sweets into your jar and top it up with the vodka but not all the way to the top. leave a centimeter or two as we are going to add more butter scotch sweets over the next few days. you will have some vodka left over in the bottle, how you dispose of this is up to you ( i recommend in 2 glasses with some lemonade and an accomplice) . Remember to keep the bottle.

Over the next few days keep adding sweets and give the jar a shake. What you are hoping to achieve is a saturated solution (pretty much means that the liquid cant dissolve any more sweets)

after about 5 days to a week your vodka should be ready to decant back into the bottle (or in my case an empty wine bottle as the original bottle was being used for other things)

Step 3: Presentation and Distribution

Now for the part that really sells it.

Put some of your chocolate sauce and 100s & 1000s in separate bowls. dip the rim of your shot glass in to the chocolate and the the 100s & 1000s.

Pour in your butterscotch vodka and enjoy.

You can do this step buy substituting the chocolate sauce for melted chocolate and also you can substitute the 100s & 1000s for whatever takes your fancy, popping candy is especially good.

Even though its served in shot glasses its better sipped. How ever you choose to drink it just remember to drink responsibly.

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