Buttery Ground Meat Sandwich or the Jax Artery Clogger




Introduction: Buttery Ground Meat Sandwich or the Jax Artery Clogger

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  • Known in some places as loose meat, it's basically a sauceless sloppy joe with my personal twist

Step 1: Why ?

Why not ! Actually I was thinking about making a butter burger but all I had was long rolls so I adapted on the fly

Step 2: The Pantry Raid

I had about 3/4lb of ground beef
a red onion
jar of jalapeno slices
long rolls
american yellow cheese (this would be SO good with Bleu cheese)

stick of butter

 chopped garlic
 smoked paprika
 ground cumin
  chili powder
 cayenne pepper

Step 3: Onions and Peppers

in a medium sized frying pan, melt a stick of butter over low heat, chop a medium onion and add to the butter add in peppers to taste and let cook very low and slow for about 30 minutes

Step 4: The Meat

when the onions have begun to brown and a lot of the butter has been absorbed its time to add the ground beef and spices, garlic to taste, I used a huge fork full of garlic and 4 or 5 heavy dashes of the dried spices. Turn the heat up to med low and let cook for about 30 minutes stirring occasionally. When the ground meat has browned to your liking cover with american cheese slices and allow to melt through

Step 5: The Roll

Prep your roll, I like to leave a "hinge" in my roll then remove some of the bread from the top "half" then a nice drizzle of ketchup/hababero sauce combination (3/4 bottle of hunts ketchup and a bottle of atomic lizard habanero hot sauce)

Step 6: Enjoy

Fill the roll and slice in half if wanted, serve with chips or fries and a cold beverage

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    General Zod
    General Zod

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is definitely a "guys night out" meal that is to be consumed in the wee hours of the morning, sir. Excellent. Have you done a variation with steak'ums? You've worked a little magic with those bad boys in the past...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    oddly enough it's the ladies making all the drooling comments on facebook. I haven't done any variations with this as of yet but the steak-ums IS a good possibility, perhaps with a bleu/cream cheese mousse and BACON........ Thanks for the ego pat..


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hiya - glad to see your back on form with the man nosh.

    Made your meatloaf a while ago - and a few times since - never fails.

    Keep em comin


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    LOL.. Thanks Darren but all things in moderation so I hope some of my future heart healthy meals will still feel like "man nosh"