Button Alarm

Introduction: Button Alarm


Some people subconsciously turn off the alarm when they hear it, and this will cause them to miss the time. My motivation for the project is to make the people who sleep in overtime often, to have a machine that can make them be more on time. So, I decide to make this clock to avoid people delay when they getting up.

How it works:

When users will click on the start button, the game will start. Therefore, you need to light the LEDs in a specific order to prevent the alarm from sounding. If the users press the wrong button, the speaker will make noise until the end.

Step 1: Materials

The materials of the circuit:

  • Arduino Leonardo Software x1
  • Arduino Board x1
  • Breadboard x1
  • Arduino Cable x1
  • LED bulb(4 different colors) x4
  • Button(1 for start the alarm, 4 for the game) x5
  • Speaker x1
  • Jumper wires x8
  • Yellow resistors x4
  • Blue resistors x5
  • wires x25

The materials of the case:

  • Pencil x1
  • Utility knife x1
  • Box that can put in the circuit x1
  • Bundle of tape x1

Step 2: The Code

Step 3: Set Up the Circuit

Look at the picture and set up the circuit!

Step 4: Decorate the Case

1. Get all the materials ready

2. Use the utility knife to cut the first cut board for the bottom of the case.

3. Cut the second cut board for two times to make the length of the two sides of the case.

4. Cut the third cut board for two times to make the width of the two sides of the case.

5. Dig a hole on the left side of the width for the Arduino cable to connect to your device.

6. Dig a hole on the right side of the width for the speaker to come out.

7. Cut the fourth cut board to make the top of the case.

8. Then draw whatever you like on the board

9. Dig five holes on the fourth cut board to settle the five buttons.

10. Dig four small holes on the fourth cut board for the four LED bulbs.

11. Put your Arduino board into the case, then you are ready to go!

Step 5: Video of How the Alarm Work

The link for the video


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