Button Bracelet

Introduction: Button Bracelet

In my jewelry making adventure I decided to try to make some awesome jewelry using buttons. One of these pieces was a button bracelet.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I needed to make my button bracelet.




Step 2: Cut Twine

I started by cutting a piece of twine about 18" long. I then knotted a loop in the middle of the piece of twine, creating two pieces of about 9" long pieces.

Step 3: String on Buttons

The next step was to string on the buttons

I took advantage of the holes in the buttons and wove the twine into the button holes, creating overlaps and crosses to keep the buttons in place.

Step 4: Tie Off End

Once I was happy with how many buttons I had on my bracelet I tied off the other end with an extra double knot, to ensure nothing came undone.

Step 5: Wear

Now my new piece of jewelry was ready to wear out.


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