Introduction: Button Presser and Hand Sanitizer

My brother (going into 6th grade) and I (going into 8th grade) decided to build something that could press buttons without you having to touch it. It also has hand sanitizer in it which can disinfect your button presser and if you want hand sanitizer you just open it up and squirt some.


For this quick activity you will need:

  • An empty container that can hold hand sanitizer with a lid (we used an empty paint container)
  • You will also need a short piece of a pencil about 2 inches long if you want it to be longer or shorter you can chose how long you want it to be
  • You will also need a hot glue gun
  • You will also need disinfectant spray or hand sanitizer depending if you want hand sanitizer with it or just disinfectant for the button presser
  • Paint and paint brushes (this is optional depending if you want to paint your pencil)

Step 1: Rinsing Out Container

First you are going to rinse out your container. Make sure you clean it out thoroughly and that there is nothing left in it before you proceed to the next step. (Hot water works best)

Step 2: Hot Gluing

Now that your container is rinsed out you are going to take the cap and the piece of the pencil and hot glue the pencil a little over to the side so if there is a hole at the top for the hand sanitizer it isn't covering it. If you don't have a cap with a hole you can put the pencil wherever you want.

Step 3: Paint (optional)

If you want to you can now paint the pencil we decided to do white but you can paint it any color you want.

Step 4: Add the Disinfectant/ Had Sanitizer

While the paint is drying you are going to add the hand sanitizer and put it in the bottle make sure to be careful and not to get it everywhere.

Step 5: Finished Product

As you can see this is useful for pressing buttons and can be disinfected and you can hand sanitize when your done.

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