Introduction: Button Up Shirt Apron

After finishing a previous instructable I found myself sitting with a cut up button shirt and I wanted to do something with the rest without having to throw it all away. So I decided to make an awesome apron out of the shirt I had left.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Here is what is needed to make an apron from a button up shirt.

An old button up shirt - I found my shirt at my nearby thrift store for $0.09!



sewing machine

Step 2: Start by Cutting Out the Apron Shape.

Start by taking your apron and cutting out the shape

1. First cut the arms off - I started by chopping the sleeves off right by the seam. (one sleeve was already gone due to my previous instructable)

2. Cut down the side seam - Next cut all the way down the side of the shirt right by the seam. - Button up shirts have nice double seams and if you cut close to the seam without cutting through the seam you won't have to do anything to hide the raw edge of the fabric

3. Cut off the collar. - When you have cut both side seams it is time to take off the collar. - Again stay close to the seam on the shoulder and around the neck. DO NOT CUT THROUGH THE COLLAR! If you do your apron will have no neck hole.

Step 3: Cut the Sides of the Apron

Now what you should have is the front half of the shirt with the collar. The goal now is to make the shape a little more apron like.

1. Draw a line straight from the edge of the collar of the neck to the underarm of the sleeve. - This will make a nice triangle shape and get rid of the weird u shape where the sleeve use to attach.

2. Cut along the line to the end.

3. Repeat on otherside

Step 4: Hem the Raw Edge

The two cuts you just made will now have a raw edge. The problem with having raw edges is that the fabric could start unraveling after use. The best way to remedy this is to hem the two cuts you just made

1. Begin by folding the edge down 1/4" so the edge is on the inside of the apron.

2. Sew down the edge to create a hem

3. Repeat on other side

Step 5: Make the Apron Ties

Once there is the apron shape all you need is the ties.

1. cut 2 lengths of fabric 2" by 24" long. - I used some of the fabric from the back of the shirt to do this.

2. Hem each side of the fabric piece.

- fold edge over 1/4"

- sew down the edge

- repeat on each side of fabric

3. Finally attach the tie to the side of the apron.

- put one end of the tie on the inside of the apron. - place right before the apron starts to angle up to the neck.

- sew onto the apron - I sewed two seams to attach the tie to the apron since that seam will have the most pull and wear.

Step 6: Wear Your New Apron!

Once the ties are on its time to try out your new apron.

I was really happy with how the whole thing came out. My favorite part is that I was able to save the pocket so I have a nice front pocket to put things.

Enjoy your awesome new apron!