Introduction: Button Earrings -without Using Fabric Covered Buttons-

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Here is a way how to make button earrings without using fabric covered buttons.

I sewed a skirt and had no fitting earrings. I searched the internet but only found Diy´s to make earrings with fabric covered buttons. I didn´t want to buy them, so I decided to use the fabric that was left over to make earrings and I came up with this idea.

Step 1: Here Is What You Need

Here is what you need to make button earrings:

- two buttons

- fabric

- scissor and tongs

- hot glue

- stud earring backs and backings

Step 2: Glue the Stud to the Button

I used a piece of metal that is suitable to wear as an earring.

Glue the stud earring back to the button.

Step 3: Fabric

The trial earrings I made were to flat. They didn´t have this "button look". That is why I glued another piece of fabric onto the button before the real fabric.

Glue a piece of fabric onto the button (picture 1). Make sure it´s not to big, otherwise your earring will look too big. Cut the fabric around the button off. Now glue the "real" fabric onto the button. (picture 2)

Step 4: More Glue

Now you need to fix the fabric on the other side of the button. I used hot glue, but you can use superglue, too.

Always I use superglue my fingers will get glued, too. So that´s why I use hot glue instead.

If you need to you can now shorten the metal with the tongs.

Step 5: Done!

There you go - button earrings- without using fabric covered ready bought buttons.