Buzz Wire Game



Introduction: Buzz Wire Game

It is one of the simplest way to represent the electric circuit in a fun way.

Step 1: For This Project We Will Need

1. LED light strip

2. Iron wires 2.6mm size

3. 9v Battery

4. Jumpers

5. Covered Wires 2mm size

6. 9v Battery Case

Step 2: Project Design

For a better look we used 3D printer to print the loop holder.

And the Box was designed with Makercase Website and Inkscape Software for the editing then printed using the CNC machine.

Step 3: Project Description

Circuit :

As shown in the figure below you can should make sure that the wire maze connected to the negative side of the battery and the positive side connected to the positive side of the LED Strip and the loop should be connected to the negative side of the LED Strip all what you need is to connect them using Female to Female jumpers.

Step 1.

Shape the iron wire you have with the word you chose.

Step 2.

Design your box by using this website our box measures are 600mm Width and 152mm Height for the top and the box depth is 70mm you will find attachment file for the design.

Step 3.

Make the loop, after printing the holder according to your iron wire size, Then connect a covered wire out of the holder holes to the iron wire from a side and leave the other side to connect with your circuit like so.

Step 4.

Using the drill create two holes to connect the wire maze to your box in the beginning of the "FABLAB" word create a hole half through the box top and in the end of the word create a hole get the wires through and connect it to the negative side of nether the battery or the LED Strip but before you close your maze circuit make sure you already entered the loop you made.

Step 5.

Stick your LED strip around the hole made in the middle of the box like showed in the video.

Step 6.

Create your circuit as shown in the first figure.

Step 4: Final Result

Start playing and enjoy !!

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