Introduction: Buzzer

Using a battery, a buzzer and a switch, make a circuit connection that you can turn on and off.

Step 1: Simple Circuit

First we experimented with making a simple connection between the battery and the buzzer. We figured red-red and black-black. It made it buzz!

Step 2: Putting in the Switch

We tried connecting the switch by putting the wires on the same side. We thought it would make a connection, but it didn't.

Step 3: Retry With the Switch

So then we attached red from the battery to one side of the switch, under the screw. It stayed attached. Then on the other side of the switch, we attached the red from the buzzer to the screw. Then we held the black wires together and flipped the switch. "BUZZZZ!"

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Czierenberg,

    Thanks for the tutorial :). A small question..

    What is this buzzer called and where can I get it from ?

    And what is its operating voltage ?